Push Forward. Fight The Good Fight.

We are living certain times.

We are are living in a world,

that is slowly killing itself,

and subtly trying,

to tear us away from our faith.

There are people,

who mean well,

but because they are lost,

they try to convince others,

that they are wrong.

We as believers must remain strong.

We must remain steadfast to God.

We must not,

let others corrupt us,

nor must we corrupt ourselves.

We must control our eyes.

We must take power,

over our feet.

We must be careful,

as to what we say.

We must stay in prayer,

and in the word.

Only then can we and must we,

fight the good fight of faith.

We must spread the gospel,

as far as we can.

Yes, we must spread,

the gospel with love,

but we must also spread it with truth.

We must spread the whole truth,

that Christ is the redeemer,

and that one day,

he will return for his people.

We are living in certain times,

where it is not only nice,

to be prayed over,

but it is a nesseccesity.

Places that were once known,

for strong Christians morales,

has now become corrupted.

The devil has become,

tied in with some doctrin.

We as believers in Christ,

must remain vigilant.

Jesus Christ is the answer.




  • Heartwriter

    Thanks for your boldness of words. Great write.

  • orchidee

    A good write Forever.

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