Poetic Dan

Back to front

I am suicidal daily
It doesn't drive me crazy
Just making it all hazy
Wondering why I'm lazy

I am a man of action
This brings satisfaction
To control my reactions
If only they weren't backwards


  • sjc513

    Awesome this is cool

    • Poetic Dan

      Much appreciated.

    • Heartwriter

      It has a sad tone. Hey, your not backwards. You are what you feel. Created by experiences in life. You can move forward by letting go of the past. You have the ability. Use it. Great write.

      • Poetic Dan

        It's where the head goes but I'm slowly training better thoughts. Thank you for the kind words of support, moving forward and letting go of the past is the state of mind I'm looking for.

        • Heartwriter

          Great. You can do it!

        • Laura🌻

          The head might want to go backwards, but you’re stronger and will divert it and guide it to go toward the forward path...your children are on that path! Stay strong and push away the unwanted!

          I HAVE sat with the broken! A tough deal, but rewarding at the end!


          • Poetic Dan

            That I am my dear but I have to knowledge the fear, as my writings of today have gone the other way. Hopefully balance will shortly follow x

          • dusk arising

            Just be gentle with yourself. There are no rules as to how a life should be lived.
            Today may not be a day for action. Today your mind may not see or even wish to look ahead.
            But if you accept that there will be other days, then you will know that there will be other ways of looking at things.
            Sitting back and letting the world go by for a while can be a great way of re-evaluating situations. Wisdom comes with the passing of time.
            Once again the words of Max Ehrmann's 'Desiderata' come to mind - worth a read (recommend it to you).
            Your writing today is very touching and thought provoking.

            • Poetic Dan

              Thank my friend your words sunk right in
              Going to do well with this positive thinking. 
              It's be a wild journey to get where I am and I'm now trying to slow myself down, looking ahead but staying close to now. 
              I can feel the desire to heal just got to let go of some old beliefs. 

              Thank you again for your time and support I'm now going to look up that book 

              • Poetic Dan

                Timeless words from a wise soul

              • Candlewitch

                dear Dan,

                you are growing, and it shows...great work!

                *hugs, Cat

                • Poetic Dan

                  Hugs are Always appreciated

                • orchidee

                  A fine write Dan. Oohh, just don't hear me sing. It'll only make things ten times worse! It's a whirlpool of torment, with no escape. heehee.

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Many a whirlpool would fun, thank you for coming by

                  • Christina8

                    You are a great man and poet and it shows! I don't think you are backwards. You are doing the best you can. Great write!

                    • Poetic Dan

                      The same to you my dear, we shall give ourselves more of a cheer!
                      The support from this site is amazing

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