My heart swelled with acceptance  

The hole gone and filled   

The wall broke down love flooding through   

I was nothing more than normal again  

i was not angry,

I was rarely sad,

and you took the blows if it ever got bad  

You were a friend,

a brother,

and someone I loved   

but that friendship wasn’t enough, was it?   

You drenched our brotherhood in a kerosene of lies   

You flicked the match with the slickness of deceit 

  You watched the flames with eyes of greed 

  And destroyed our friendship with no remorse.

    You watched as I burned,  

  you watched as I suffered,  

you heard my screams yet were deaf to your own humanity.  

You sat and glared at the burning embers,  

  and when the fuel of our friendship had been reduced to ash, you cried. 

  You fell to your knees,  

  searching through the coals for any remnant of the relationship you destroyed,

  but little did you realize I was above you in the smoke 

  Not with you in the ash. 


  • Author: olivergreenwood20 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 27th, 2018 11:18
  • Category: Friendship
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  • sjc513

    Love the emotion great work

  • SLR

    I love how this ends. So many don't appreciate friends and family. This shows how it can turn around on them. Great piece.

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