My Other Half

My mama always told me
That you are born half of youself
To be complete you must find your true love
When she talked about it,
she would always get this little twinkle in her eyes
While mine rolled in disbelief

I didn't believe it one bit
Not for a second
Not until I met you

The first time we met will never erase itself from my memory
At that crazy college party,
and like a magnet I was pulled to you
Holding you, I danced and laughed
I had the most fun of my life
Oh my god,
You made me feel so wild and beautiful
It was then I knew
You were my other half

I spent so many days with you
Laughing and just having a good time
My own eyes they twinkle, like they never did before
Only in a way you could make them
For the first time in my life,
I felt really, truly alive

I know that I will never stop loving you
You are all that I have,
and you are all that I'll ever want

Tonight is just you and me again
In the dark corner of my room,
I'll hold you and drink you up all over again
Pour you directly to my mouth
There's no need for cups this time
No one else is here
This time, my other half, you take the form of cheap vodka from the liquor store
You make me complete,
and I love you

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  • Published: June 28th, 2018 08:59
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