If people were pathways...

If people were pathways … 

If people were pathways would you begin someone's journey ? 

Walk their story, to see if they’re worthy. 

If people were pathways, would you judge by appearance? 

Would you look at them twice showing perseverance? 

Would you risk a walk that could destroy your life?

Would you risk a walk that could blossom in strife?

Because If people were pathways, their paves may deceive. 

Your chosen path may be better then believed. 

I’ve met some people that have paths I don’t like

Take a walk through a story of two paths that changed lives.


One path was long and twisted and torn. 

The pathway was surrounded by spiky black thorns. 

It lead to a place dark and deranged. 

It manipulated minds and poisoned sweet brains. 

It squeezed and drained and trapped good people.

It swayed and blinded a heart of love with EVIL. 

Your pathway would burn souls, it began to scorch mine. 

Your pathways bitter sins will Rot in dark time. 

This pathway brought hatred, sadness and pain. 

This pathway was a human that used my life as a game. 


The next path was smooth and charmingly creamy 

The walk way was soft and silkily dreamy. 

The trees were fresh and the skies were clear. 

The sent was safe, music to fragile ears. 

My feet indulged into squidgy fudge. 

As the pathway absorbed my innocent touch. 

The pathway brought sunshine, making me free 

This pathway was human that was my cup of tea. 


If I was a pathway, I’d have some cracks and crumbles. 

But I’d hope when you stepped on me, you’d feel warm and humble. 

If I was a path your footstep would feel the coat of a cocoon.

Your body would feel amplified, oozing with tweeting tunes. 

I’d like to think my journey, would be fruitfully yummy and sweet. 

I’d like to think my journey, would greet everyone tasteful I meet. 

My pathway would be strong, my pathway would be courageous. 

My pathway would be endearing and long, hopefully contagious. 

My pathway would be the best and realest version of me. 

Which leaves just one question, what type of path, would your pathway be?



  • Poetic Dan

    My path would lead straight to my tree
    You could take a pew or just a leaf
    Sharing our happiness and the grief
    Courageously stepping with your contagious beat.

    • E-Poems

      Thank you for sharing! Your path sounds lovely, and I love the last line! ~ e

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