That Special Box

A box of chocolates is such a surprise 

But to your diet they are great demise 

There’s more than one, in fact they come in pairs 

There’s even more when you go down stairs.

They tempt you with their sexy smell 

The thought of their flavours is simply swell

That little voice in side your head

Will it be soft centred or toffee instead?

Let’s try the orange or the Lemon cream for starters 

Stay out the second layer or she’ll have your guts for garters!

Then there’s that strawberry cream that’s sweet as a bell

Much better tasting than the Caramel Well 

Oh my word,the praline square!

Should I have two or will that be unfair?

There she stands, the hazelnut whirl

Her rigid erect nut stands out like a curl

It’s desperate measures the butterscotch is last

Like two ugly sisters they won’t be gone fast

Chew off the chocolate and sling it at the dog

He’ll be on it like a leaping frog.

I look around like a cunning fox

Before I  move onto the second layer of the box

I lift the plastic shelf out of the way

My hands are trembling as I throw it away

To boldly go - I quote captain Kirk 

As I give the box a good old firk 

Disappointment hits me like a shot in the eye

I’m so sad I think I will cry

I feel like Scott when he stood at the Antarctic 

Utterly distraught and very apoplectic 

To my horror, the strawberry creams been eaten

It would appear I’ve been truly beaten

Wait a minute the box is almost full

I contemplate a plan through my chocolate drool

That voice came back in a pennywise fashion

Eat them all before she comes back in

Down they slid like expensive oysters

The box was empty like a cathedral cloister

On my gosh what have I done?

I need an idea or I will be seriously undone

Quickly thinking, I staged a plan

Then it hit me like custard flan

like a galloping horse out of the fog

That naughty animal - I will blame the dog!



  • Frogspoetry

    Oh my gosh,you have me craving chocolate now.every word was spot on.

    • grange_m

      I love chocolate too🤪
      Thank you

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