The Fly

I spy with my little eye

Said the buzzing creature that resembled a fly

I watch your life from up above

As I swoop around like peaceful dove

I see the games that you play

What you do when your husbands away

Your money is safe under that floor

But if I were you I’d lock the door

You dance around naked all through the house 

Whilst under your fridge hides a mouse

I see you bathe and wash your hair

Whilst I sit on the ceiling and have a good stare

I listen to your music that seems rather hip

Watch you drink vodka with a great big sip

I smell your face whilst you’re asleep

Watch you dream of little beau peep

I lick away at horrible things

They say I’m harmless because I don’t have a sting

When you put out your dinner I see my chance

In I go at a speeding glance

I lick away with my mucky tongue

Spreading disease so it all goes wrong

I watch you lay down and be terribly sick

Before you bend over like a broken stick

I’m waiting my time like a good little fly

My meal will continue when you die

Oh my god she’s got a rolled up newspaper

Swings it around like a window draper

She catches my head and down goes this midge

I fall on floor in front of the fridge

Then out he comes this snarling mouse

There will be no more buzzing around this house

Inside his belly and I open my eyes

An Aladdin’s cave with such a surprise 

I’m not scared and certainly won’t freeze

I quite like the smell of Stilton cheese

So this is a story about the fly of the house

Who was hit by a newspaper and devoured by a mouse

Now I live in a wet warm belly

Full of surprises that are lovely and smelly









  • Frogspoetry

    The life of a fly,great one

    • grange_m

      Going to do the mouse’s perspective next😜

      • Frogspoetry

        I can't wait.we just caught a mouse yesterday.

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