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I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

They'll be stirring all of their boiling pots

Their vats of homemade witches brew

By now, I am sure that they have convinced themselves they know something

At least, they must see that I am, of course, a witch too

They are all pulling out what remains of their hair from their own beastly, clumsy thick little scalps

I am, as usual, virtually unaffected 

My oh my, whatever is a useless, old, cunt hag to do?

Check this out:! 

This ancient crone has long ago paid all of her dues and then some

I was through with your narrow excuses for all of your nonsense a very long time ago

I really have not even a speck of desire to know what it is that you still have the audacity to expect from me other than an obvious shred of hope lingering upon you that you may be a witness to some Fairytale coming true wherein I am the main character who loses hope and somehow closes down

I guess I will go ahead, for at least the thousandth time and forewarn you that it is absolutely impossible for you to ever find your selfish dream by trying to follow a being like me

My first diadem has been molded to the authentic gemstones that compose my timeless crown

My guess is that the time has come to dance across this darling little gambling town

There is something about the way the energy here tends to invite willingly every single ounce of  my own

I totally understand that it can become quite intense for the ungrateful when they constantly insist upon trying to fuck with the divine

The Shroud of Turin was once my shrine, or something similar along those lines

I am living here now like a Native of this land that was only used for the elements for which were built mines

The Silver

The Gold

The Copper alike coming from all over the globe

And all that remains as proof of it all may be an occasional embroidery upon some dead rich mans robe

The sin has run rampant through here for many many moons long passed

I have been assigned the task of doing my best to move it along, to force it somehow to return to its source

Needless to say, it has not been the easiest of all Spiritual obstacle courses, which is precisely why I have never even thought of turning back

What good would it do for anything to travel backward in the way from whence I have come?

Like sheep, humanity has been trying to play a game of cards that they have never known how to play

At least I can say for myself that I have grown stronger with each and every monumental event that I never gave up on and thus, surpassed

I know for a fact that the blessing of true love will forever outlast anything that does not come from the Light

I am a child of the Sun, as well as a Master Huntress who feeds upon the creatures of the night 

I no longer see any of it as a struggle, a tragedy, or a fight

It is all simply whatever it so happens to be

I may never be sure of what it is that angers those who are fortunate enough not to have to see, as I do, through the entire veil

I refuse to ever fail the expectations of my Creator, My Almighty God

I have been made acutely aware that there is no such thing as getting even, especially when you are born in the names or the numbers of everything that is naturally odd

Everything that I write upon these pages comes straight from my core

From my epicenter

From nowhere and nothing else but from me

Sometimes I actually wish that they would be able to see the same way I do, but it is only in an attempt to detour them from what makes them so fucking envious

I highly doubt, for whatever reason that they really want to work as hard as I have chosen to just to be able to see

That makes no sense at all, if you think about it

I never knew that I was anyone special

Nothing more than the spirit of a woman who incarnated in this life time in

a body that was born as a baby boy

It all came to me completely only a few years ago

So now all I can say out loud is that when the time comes where you realize who you really are, believe WILL know

I have a new rule now, though, and it goes something like this:

If your plan is to try and plant your fucking feet in my soil, then your plan must also be to learn, to prosper, to grow

You will never know everything that I do, you were not meant to

Nor was it ever meant for me to know every aspect of you

Thus, the reason why they say that true friends are few and far between

And that, my little pudding drops, goes for EVERYONE...


June 30th, 2018





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  • Published: July 1st, 2018 23:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: It has been several months since I have posted a life has been going through too many drastic transformations to even find the time to write...several hundred of my original pieces were stolen, along with everything else that I owned in the world in September if last year in Albuquerque, NM which I have called home off and on throughout my entire I moved here To Carson City, NV TO be closer to my remaining family members..and to give small town living a chance...I gave always been a city boy...until my city started to literally turn against me...Those of you who have followed my work, which of course can always be found in my manuscript you will remember all of my work that was inspired by my most major relationships...we'll...they're all LITERALLY gone..and I have no more emotion left in me to even care...which may sound like sorrow...but ITS BLESSINGS WHO ARE NO LONGER IN DISGUISE....XXXOOO
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