Claudelle DeLuna

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

No one ever knew what she hid under her veil

It's Sunday morning first Catholic mass is about to begin,

She finds her usual bench,

first row left hand side,

She sits there before anyone else arrives,

Kneeling down invoking all Saints,

She prays!

Insisting her penance will save the rest,

No one ever knew what she hid under her veil,

The rest of the faithful are arriving,

Priest at the pulpit opening the service with prayer,

She follows with fervor,

Some claim she prayed when she first learned to speak,

She attends three Church services per day,

Always praying for the sins of others,

But forgetting her own,

No one ever knew what she hid under her veil,

Only God knew!

Now she rests in the peace of the Lord.





  • Kevin Michael Bloor

    A very beautiful elegy for your aunt. I liked the sense of mystery you created with the refrain: no one ever knew what she bid under her veil. A fitting title, reminds me immediately of Tennyson's, In Memoriam. Lovely poem, thank you. 😊

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