I view the world from an eagle’s perspective

I soar in the gentle breeze & allow the wind to buffet my wings

I soar higher riding upon the thermals

The world below is so calm & tranquil

The places I’ve been become mere specks below me

Serenity amplifies as I rise even higher

I glide effortlessly with only an occasional flap of my wings

No misery or pain flies with me

I’m free of weight or duty

I’m above clouds now & dancing in their softness

The sun beams & the breeze cools me


An arrow from below penetrates my facade

I scream & scramble with such intensity as my wings fail & I plummet

The specks of life below come into view

Harder & faster I descend as the ground reaches up with skeletal digits

Grabs me from my lofty throne forcing me hard into the earth

The blood in my mouth slips down my throat & burns with mercury intensity

My eyes close as darkness drowns around me

I listen; just a faint beat of a struggling heart

I open eyes & regain a sense of normality

I’m awake, alive, just barely; it wasn’t my time to die today

The serenity is gone; the weight upon broken shoulders returns


Death smiles then slowly turns her back

I stand, ready to fight another pain & misery filled day


© 2018 Unsub



  • E-Poems

    Nice work. Really liked it. ~E

    • Unsub


      glad you enjoyed it.

      Thank you kindly for spending time reading & commenting; I appreciate it,



    • Laura


      ...and the cycle continues!

      My favorite 🦅
      He is the symbol of my serenity!
      “I stand, ready to fight another
      pain & misery filled day”...
      ...but not today!
      “I view the world from an eagle’s perspective”!
      I’m enjoying today without thinking about tomorrow!

      I enjoyed this read very much.
      Thank you for sharing!

      As always...


      • Unsub


        I had fun with this one. I really tried hard to work on mis-direction & a metaphor over & above the normal.

        I know this Eagle & watched him pretend to be higher than all the rest; I fired that arrow; I watched his world crumble & all the pain he had caused getting himself to the top finally became his downfall.

        That is one layer of this piece; many others & hopefully the readers will find one that fits for them,

        Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way (private message received) & thanks for the read & comment,


      • Laura

        You’re very welcome!( Just had my yummy chocolate cake!)

        Death will keep walking the opposite direction! That eagle you speak of will soar again!

        Personally, you accomplished what you set out to do!

        As you can tell from my comments, I found what fits for me at this time!

        This past year has been a roller coast ride! A lot of ups and downs! Your poetry has definitely been an up for me and it continues to be as is my son’s new direction of a lifestyle! I’m very grateful!

        As always...


        • Unsub


          being a diabetic; I only had a huge slice of chocolate & a middle finger directed at the diabetes!

          I'm glad you found something in it that fits/works for you.



          • Laura


            Diabetes deserved it!
            The best laugh I’ve had all day! 🤣🤣

            I’ll be catching up on with the reads and the commenting...of course!

            As always...


          • Goldfinch60

            There was I thinking that 'he has seen the light' and then you ruin it. LOL.

            Very good write once more Unsub, that first stanza could be me flying effortlessly ever higher, I have often said that I would like to be a buzzard and just drift aimlessly up in the sky.

            I am glad that death walked away and once more

            "Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
            I rise
            Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
            I rise
            Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
            I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
            I rise
            I rise
            I rise."

            • Unsub


              I have a terrible way of runining it!

              Death has gone away because that would have been too easy!

              Thanks for the rise!!


            • orchidee

              Ahh, made a good start, but then downhill after a while?!
              All was going well when I thought I could fly as 'The Birdman'. Then me artificial wings crashed into a tree!

              • Unsub


                yup, always a downhill moment in my work!

                Thanks as always,


                • orchidee

                  Aww, I thought you might stay uphill! heehee.

                • Frogspoetry

                  Great job unsub,glad you posted it.😀

                  • Unsub


                    Thanks for your help & advice on this one before I posted it.



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