need to grow, need to blossom

gardeners take care of their gardens
just like a caring mother takes care of her little child
observant with keen watching eye's
any signs of unruliness, wilting and chaotic downfall
and the gardener pulls away the weeds  
tending to the flowers with a watering can  
transforming depressed into happy again  
because you see, gardens cannot tend to themselves
they need a friendly hand to help them by  
when the sky refuses to rain
the guy with the spronkler steps in  
but what if a child misses the love from a parent
she is then like a garden without the sky around her skin
or a gardener to tend to her needs
quite often in the summer and spring  
little flowers feel like loved up children  
warmth, hydration, sun and love, sprinkles  
but what if they were placed in a house with a distant owner?
growing, depressed and withdrawn, self love lacking

we have to learn to parent and love ourselves
love that little hurt child within  
take care of her unkempt stems
trim, water and allow her petals to blossom
be the adult to our hurt side

hating oneself is just like the dark hating the light
there is no positive outcome , no meaning in this feeling
either love yourself or let yourself fall into hatred again
comfortable in your skin or uncomfortable, which is it?


  • sylviasearcher

    I love the beauty in nature and how you linked it to loving and nurturing oneself.

    It's funny because when I was pulling weeds the other day I thought of quite a different metaphor.

    I thought about wild natural beauty. I thought about why weeds were ripped from their soil, deemed not right for pretty gardens. I wondered about my wild self. The weeds I had pulled to be more socially acceotable, the instincts and growth I had denied.

    Thank you for reminding me about this. Nature is so beautiful and powerful

    • yellowrose

      hello sylviasearcher. yes, i guess i was referring to the garden being taken care of.... of course weeds are ok as long as there are not too many, lol...what if a parent just left a child to her own devices, never took enough care of her.. she may well become depressed or unhappy or become a mess, so to speak .. emotional neglect impacted me in a lot of bad ways ..

      thanks for reading .. glad you liked this one

      • sylviasearcher

        Oh yes I understood your metaphor was different. I work with a lot of neglected children. The damage can be immense. We hope that if the parent cannot change then maybe other people in their life can offer nurture they will be able to recognise and grow.

      • Poetic Dan

        O my days! What an ending. I still don't know the answer, sometimes I love my skin sometimes I don't but I'm going to learn to love even the darkness of my soul.

        Brilliant work, thank you

        • yellowrose

          thankyou :-) glad you enjoyed reading this ..

        • kevin browne

          Sounds just like the garden of Eden. Brilliant bit of writing. Yellowrose, you are growing alongside the garden and are blossoming in a beautiful poet. Well done.

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          I love it!
          I've started a garden last year with lots of herbs, some didn't make it we get 105 F temps in my area. I started another one this year, it's doing much better. I'm also a mother of two boys. Both require all my love all my attention.
          Meanwhile I cannot forget about ME. Wouldn't change my story, definitely comfortable juggling all to the best of my ability.
          Blessings! :)

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