Political Poet

Be You

Follow me through the issues in life that impact our lives but be honest and with open ears and open eyes,
an open mind..........
I'm not here to divide,
im flowing line for line in hopes that you know its ok to have differences as time goes bye.
its ok to protest and rise together as your groups multiply,
and speak your mind but respectfully, instead of violence and crimes.
come peacefully so we can debate each other with just you and i,
in hopes people's minds will change in time
you can only make a difference and shine if we all take our thoughts and combine together placing all our hatred aside.

everyone wants to live happily and want it done rapidly
you couldn't put it pass me that just cause my political views are different you should harass me
in public areas and attack me with so much hatred without knowing me you wish to slap me, or wish on me some catastrophe, shouting and screaming coming after me cause politicians are saying it has to be in order for us to live happily.

listen to what their saying to you, repeating the story over and over till our faces turn blue.
and the sad thing is it doesn't matter if the stories are true
or that their lying to you ...............
with their opinions denying you...... the truth,
they sound like little minions
trying to make us believe all this rhetoric is caused by the millions.

be the free thinker and know its ok to be yourself different from everyone else
one shouldn't have to keep one's beliefs at stealth or be ashamed to ask for help
be yourself.....respectfully live life and do the same to everyone else!



  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Wow! that last line speaks "respectfully live life and do the same to everyone else"
    Great message! I agree

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