super hero


super hero


I’ve saved lives

That doesn’t mean they all survive

I lost one

But there was nothing that could be done


If I was a hero

Id rate myself a zero

People talk, I can hear them speak

Yes. I am unique


I’ve this inability to say no

And its really noticeable always on show

Can I’ve this or will you do that

Yes yes I’m the doormat.


See people use me and I know it

But I’m trying to help bit by bit

They wouldn’t ask unless its wanted

And after all my insides rotted


I know I’m not ideal

I’m not made of steel

I don’t have the symbol of a bat

All I have is my shark tooth and hat


So I know I don’t look the part

But what I do have is a golden heart

And I always try

But I still have emotions and cry


Yes I can stand tall

But it makes it harder when I fall

But I’ve no regrets

Cause I’m everyone’s best bet


You can depend on me

That’s easy to see

But if you find it hard

Cant let down your guard


If you cant find me, ill find you

Send me a sign a signal. Look up to the blue

Were all under the same sky

I look like every other girl or guy

Look around you’ll see me there

Standing here you don’t need a prayer

I blend in like everyone else

Shoes, hats, tops and belts


Or if you think your to far gone

and you’ve been away for too long

And you think were on different planets

Trust me Do not panic


Touch the earth touch the ground

Close your eyes and look all around

Breath the air and feel the wind

Face the front and the behind


Cause ill be the one who will save

Ill not stop till in in my grave

Look into the distant

I promise I’m not resistant


Ill come for you its okay

Ill find you and make my way

Ill make sure your safe

Ill take you to a better place


I don’t need a thanks

I don’t need money from banks

I need to know

I need to show


That I’m the one who does care

Who properly cares its really rare

And some people will talk shit

But before they do they should admit


Everything I done for them

Read the messages I did send

You’ll never find anyone better than me

For I’m the best anyone could be.



Mocuisle Connolly 




  • Author: M.M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 5th, 2018 14:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: haven't posted in a while. but over the past few days I've realised just how much i do for people and how i always wanted to be a super hero.
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