How Long Will It Last?

For those fighting the good fight of faith,

wondering how long it will take,

it will never be done,

and because no one is perfect,

there will be distractions in the way.

At times you may become sidetracked.

There may be a short time,

when you forget to pray,

and the good fight seems,

so unbarable,

that the devil may come everyday.

There might be numerous times,

when you must make a choice,

in where your faith lays.

Still, the Lord will never lead you astray.

How long before,

the Lord's work is done?

Is there another way?

No there is not!

For no man cometh,

unto the Father accept through him.

Yes, there will be bumps in the road.

Of coarse there will be obstacles,

but because you have,

Christ as your savior,

he will keep the demons at bay.

So as long as you live your life right,

and continue to fight the good fight,

and always believe in Christ,

and stand firm on his word,

he will be with you to stay.







  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

  • wordseven7


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