Identically Opposite Existence

The man in the mirror is left handed,

He does the opposite of what I say, 

Everything he does is backwards, 

When my back is turned he goes about his day


Mocking me in reverse,

Thinks it’s funny I suppose?

His face is so familiar, 

Except he wears a much larger nose 


Sometimes I wonder if he thinks like I do, 

Just the other way around?

perhaps he knows what I’m thinking,

Before my brain tells my lips to make sound


I try to speak but my breathe is stopped in front of me, 


My vibrations cannot get to him so I write something for him to read, 

He does the same but neither can make sense of what the other wants to plead, 


This frustrating backwards world in which my new pal lives, 

A ridiculous and frustrating place for someone like  me, 


I went to get my love, 

To see if she knew what to do,

I took her to the place I once was and his love was standing there too, 


An opposite recreation of a love that I knew, 

One so familiar but something was different, Then I realised it was you 


This man leads a life with his love 

Growing together with time, 

This man means no harm,

He lives an identically opposite existence to mine 


It’s nice to view the world,

Through a different set of eyes,  

Side by side and opposites alike, 

I recognised he was I 


  • Diamond

    Marvelous write and an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing.

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