kevin browne

Become The Master.

Yes, there was light shadowing down on the people who were frightened of the invading thoughts of whats to come. 
We survive the atrocities caused by the entitlement of any prediction which opens up the world that comes undone.

Dedication devoted to saving the in-between of whats going wrong with what the Earth is thinking about killing each other.
So, to together we find the islands sinking deep into what was never there because of when God started calling us in together.

Disasters creating the sharks to eat all the treasures in the sea
which is emptying the wetness that showers down on reasoning.
Trapped inside our own lives being ripped apart by the enemy
were in plentiful happiness fitting into all the beauty of seasons.

Build hope for the demise of innocent children who were left alone in the wilderness of whatever comes and stands by you.
Weather floundering with the violence of silenced emotions caught up in dimensions and a maze of intruding our hearts too.

Enlightened is the stars glistening marrying the Northern lights
flickering towards enticing the poor darkness which is ahead.
Favoured by the rainbows of light, we spoke about the dangers 
of shady inspirations leaving behind a life of pure love instead.

The cleverest people walk alongside the school tables banging their fist with knuckles clenched pushing up against the fools.
Treat yourself to an atomic experience with the grace and dignity 
in which this planet catches underneath the spirits of us all.

And nearing the edge of our universe we perceive the magic thoughts which only if we join together then maybe it will work.
Visions are degrading the transparency of reality causing wars
to evolve inside our hearts, but it's our honesty that they took.

Everlasting space with enormous tremors that disintegrate through the waves of radiations beckoning us to burn out.
Carrying each planet on our shoulders with the lightened weight
of hope disappearing deep within our souls, but never doubt.

We know our problems are keeping it all in with a disgrace that
only lights up when there are flowers growing up to show off.
Soiled by the conviction of love towards everything we can get 
going the power and strength cause us never to give up enough

Balancing together, we sit tight on the rope of falling off into the
abyss of transient thoughtfulness in which we have so desired.
Walking hand in hand we do manage to pull the rope into an
empty mind which was full of nothing so let us all get fired.

Inspirations hurting the planet to death we must visualize each
other collapsing from heights which we have never understood.
Many a man has fallen, graveyards whispering for us to come in
and again watch the ghosts laughing at God to see if he would.

Invasions, prisons, death, demise of all the things we cherish are falling off the trees which grow alongside the garden of Edan.
Where we go is a mystery waiting to unfold our blindness and the integrity getting things which if you remember were maddening.

Stand on top of yourself to see underneath the falseness in which caused another complication explaining our sorrow.
Fighting for survival in the battling hell where there isn't 
enough defences, but we fight on and in despair of tomorrow.

Space is there for us to feel the intensity of what life can surprise us with remembering it never really never took anything anyway.
And forthcoming is another world in which can live in and realise the disasters which the Lord had promised us to live another day.

Forgiving is pointless enough when climbing down the mountains which reign forever until the human race faces its destructions.
Blowing up in the skies are the missiles from the theatre of showing death staging more than just a fathers fair instruction,

Follow me in towards a beautiful positive line of thoughtfulness
because what is left behind we'll become the slaves of no return, 
Hoping educational creations don't collapse onto our lap of the 
Gods, for it's entitled that knowledge all us about we must learn.

Expecting the things which never happen are only drawn upon
a letter for us to be able to at least have one minute to think.
Where we stand on this muddy place in Earths heart in order
for it to heal, but the boats we built were built for us to sink.

Go somewhere new instead of cutting the same garden grass
every day which in its glorious style of winning an open door.
Life lives alone crying in desperation of rebuilding our cities
because of the growing concern for which we ask for more.

Take your time to evolve through this life of yours if its worth the effort for making things turn up and leaving as if we're not there.
Then, at last' we have learnt our ways of dealing with the devils
encouragement to kill us all, even politics think that's unfair.

Surprise the circumference in which we live together so the time
we have left another leader who creates another bad disaster.
I'm leaving this planet alone for the Sun will shine it's life down into our hearts which then in all fairness we become the master.



  • Nicco

    Simply beautiful.

  • Heartwriter

    Your write makes one think. Lots to swallow here. Great write.

    • kevin browne

      That's very kind. Thank you, Heart writer.

    • Candlewitch

      hello Kevin,

      this resonates with my thoughts that: from the age of understanding, parents and teachers need to teach children that their actions have repercussions and to act accordingly! thank you for this piece!

      *hugs, Cat

      • kevin browne

        That's very true, Candlewitch, and yes, I agree that the teaching about life is important to understand from aa early an age can be. Thank you,

      • onepauly

        with this one you are the greatest poet that ever lived. you shall go down in history. for sure. don't let anyone kid you about that. before reading this one I read two poems by edger allen poe. (the raven) and (Lenore) im not one to judge either of you. im just a poor humble poet. with nothing like these. keep up the good work master!

        • kevin browne

          oh, bless you, onepauly. that's the most wonderful thing anything anyone has ever said about my poetry. I dare not to class myself as either of this great historical poet. I actually stunned by your words, What a feeling I am having right now. I guess I better hold onto the standard you puy me in. Overwhelmed I am indeed. Thank you, my dear.

          • onepauly

            if it was not true
            I would not say it.
            peace be with you

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