You make my skin crawl.


You make my skin crawl.

All the verbal abuse all the lies,
As you sat and watched the tears fall from my eye's! Not forgetting your cheating your lake of respect for me plus the beating.

You make my skin crawl. I never knew you at all,

You where so nice at the start, sent me flowers, we never where apart, then you go and break my heart, then rip my world apart.

You make my skin crawl.

All my trust has been broken, I'll never trust anyone again, to scared thing's will be the same,
Made to feel like I was the to blame, love is not a game.

You make my skin crawl.

Theirs only so many beatings and lies one can take, hearts never heal once they break.

You made me so sad, my kids even started to call you dad.

You make my skin crawl.

I welcomed you in to my home, id rather spend a lifetime all alone.

  • Author: Antonis (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 8th, 2018 04:42
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  • dusk arising

    Great heartfelt outpouring in your writing today. When i've done similar in the past it has felt like self therapy. I know it's definately helpful in underlining the finality of a break-up.
    Great to look back at in years to come and think.. yeah they were a right b'tard. But dont forget to write about the good times you shared too, cos they were good and you enjoyed them - makes them a great subject to write about.

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    hello .. this is a sad piece of writing but expressed so very well ! the repetition of the lines.. '' you make my skin crawl '' they are really powerful, just speaks to me of someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable . so sad when abuse happens. sorry to read of this , these people who abuse.. they are not even right in the head ... atleast you are away from her now, not good to be near those type of people, not good at all

  • Saima

    Wow I have a poem called 'they make my skin crawl' and then I found this and I completely understand. I hope you're ok and what you went through/going through is horrible but stay strong and remove yourself from the negativity and focus on your self. I hope you're ok.

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