Brittany Jo

Head drugs

Depression-my personal medication
Close my eyes, focus on the sensation
Becoming numb to the slow sedation
No stopping it now, so I embrace the situation
Anxiety for the rush-adrenaline
Wondering if i’ll ever feel okay again
It’s always been there like a good friend
Breathing harder now-need the ventolin
My dignity, they devour
My emotions have the power
They’re making the calls
I watch my courage as it falls
The daily doses it increases
Feel my sanity as it siezes
Consumes my body like deadly diseases
Not my whole story this is just the thesis
I hate this disorder
Feeling like a mental hoarder
Who i am buried under the nonsense
Can no longer hear my conscience
Realizing this is who i am
Thinking i was more was a personal scam
So i’ll suppress it as a means to cope
But reality’s got me positioned in it’s scope


  • Unsub


    My vision wobbles, causing unrest
    Pain in my arm, moving to chest
    Brain throbbing, migraine in tow
    Breathing shallow, quiet & slow
    Heart begins racing & pumping in vain
    Body on overload, beginning to strain
    Body vomits, releasing its waste
    Burning toxins are all I can taste
    Amphetamines, Painkillers, Benzodiazepines, Diazepam
    Tranquilisers, Morphine, Overdose, Speed, Heroin
    Cocaine, Prozac, Paracetamol, Amitriptyline
    Opium, Overdose
    Stomach cramps & muscles contort
    Losing consciousness, my mind distorts
    My senses fail, depression hits
    Hands tremble, I begin to fit
    My voice is lost, unable to scream
    Fog enters my final dream
    Body heavy feeling like lead
    Thank those pills, I'm almost dead.

    • Brittany Jo

      I love this, so much more beautifully and creatively written than mine. Thank you for taking the time to read.

    • Brother_Kane

      Well masterful work! Both yours and unsubs poems are strokes of genius! “through pain we learn, through life we live, taking each day as a precious gift, some days we smile some days we cry, this is the burden of this spiritual I “

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