little dove

Needing the beautiful colours

frustrations sit like a burning fire
flames lingering everywhere
red flames and golden flames with fear
hot flames burning with anger and darkness

buttercups and daffodils live in yellow
A yellow and a gold of a different kind
sitting in peace and sitting in calm
On a touch of green being a happy yellow

Yellow is that colour that I would like to touch
The flames of gold are too powerful in my heart
They also hold tears from all the fear from all the pain
And all I want to do is jump into a garden of daffodils

I wish I could dance like a pretty yellow sunflower
Not holding the monsters and not holding the black
Emotions I rather not feel returning making this a prison
I need daggers to slay what I can not tolerate

Pink flamingos and pink skies I need to dream of
Dreams that strip away the flames and the black
I wish I could fly like a dragon with beautiful strength
For I am tired of the darkness swallowing me whole



    WELCOME LITTLE DOVE (nice name) I like DOVES ! Thanks for you first Poem ! It is elegantly presented in five balanced free verse quatrains. Love the subject "Needing the beautiful colours" something we all need a rainbow coloured World ! I love your playful interchange of colours and things and the moods and reactions they evoke !
    Red & Gold (flames) evoking fear & anger !
    Yellow & gold & a touch of green (buttercups & daffs) evoking peace & calm ~ YES
    When I am inside a Rainbow I can see & feel the colours but I can't bottle them ! Jumping into a host of wild daffs is awesome the ultimate Yellow Experience ! Dance like a Sunflower ~ holds back the Monsters & the Black Emotions ~ Don't let the Darkness swallow you PINK FLAMINGOES ~ sheer JOY ~ PINK SKIES ~ sheer peace ~ so Fly like a Dragon (I love that concept) be in the PINK and all the Darkness will disappear ~ AMEN I love this poem I could live in your Yellow ~ Gold ~ Pink World forever ~ so so sensuous ! Thanks for sharing ~ more please ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ MPS operates by mutual reading & commenting ~ OK ~ Thanks B !

    • little dove

      hello thanks very much for ur lovely words and comment Brian
      I used to be on here before with a different name
      I think you commented on some of my poems before
      anyway thanks

    • little dove

      This poem is in a way related to trauma and the world i feel i am in sometimes a world of darkness and my sadness as well at not being in that colourful world that I have created images of here

    • Goldfinch60

      May the colour of you world dispel all the darkness.
      Welcome to MPS.

    • livsxxxx

      Great poem!

    • E-Poems

      really enjoyed this poem!! I Love your work. ~ E

    • Jo March

      I really enjoyed reading your poem! It is absolutely beautiful... I believe that the epitome of bliss is to jump into a garden of golden daffodils... And yes, the daffodils' flames of gold "hold tears from all the fear from all the pain". I think once in a while we should all dream about pink flamingos and pink skies, like you said, because I strongly believe that only beauty can save us from darkness. Thank you for the lovely poem...

      • little dove

        you welcome. thanks very much for your lovely words about my poem.

      • Poetic Dan

        Beautifully expressed keep on writing and I'm sure your inner dragon will take care of the rest. Flying high or burning away any unwanted darkness

      • Michael J. Schaeffer

        I love this poem. You are a great writer. You express yourself extremely well. I understand pain. The pain that is inside and is so deep it appears on the outside skin. You are wise for yourself expression. I read your personal information and we have a lot in common. I like a lot of Art. Writing, guitar, photography and just enjoying the language of expression. Your age is 33 years now. My favorite number. Jesus Christ died on the cross at 33. It was also my racing number that was assigned to in middle school to compete with. I had a lot of luck with it. It is a truly magical number. The Smashing Pumpkins have a song called 33. It was a very popular song for them. Youth and stay Youthful. Stay Young. Watch the World with Eyes Wide Open and Witness the Extremes. Don’t be Afraid to Take the Sidelines and Watch the World Scatter.

        • little dove

          thankyou very much. Yeah art is very good I like to express myself sometimes I think it can help quite alot.
          I don't think I have a favourite number
          I am glad that you had alot of luck!
          I guess this poem some of it is about how I have felt and still do feel when I am in darkness and feel like all that colour , all that positivity how I need the colour
          Because sometimes I feel there has been alot more darkness that I have endured than is fair
          thanks for your kind words

        • Joe Dawson

          That you are aware of the darkness and can express your feelings through poetry is a credit in itself - believe in yourself and you will prosper. JD

          • little dove

            Yeah I am very aware of the darkness having experienced so much of it with chronic trauma and mental health issues
            thankyou. i try my best to believe in myself im working on it

          • Joe Dawson

            Already you are looking outwards towards the light - you will succeed. JD

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