Father Daughter Rift Rivals Depth Of Mariana Trench


Argh resolution between

self and eldest

dear daughter more remote,

now then locating

a left handed monkey wrench,

cuz she feels this papa

did deliberate smote

her upside the head, knocking

Eden Liat stone cold

in an abysmal trench

thus, this dada doth fear a mill

stone shaped albatross

around thy neck aye will tote,

where rotting bird

doth emit fetid oppressive stench

gloomily decry death asper,

paternal progeny blighted love

epitaph finis fate wrote.


Methinks (nee knows) marital infidelity

steep dividend warrant wrought

chances greater finding needle in haystack

versus pointless thought

exercise regarding deus ex machina sought

forgiveness ex post facto, rethought,

yet miracle needed, viz

twill require against overwrought

progeny's psyche mor'n

solo requiem Te Deum never sung,

hence no guarantee

father as overthought

against embarkation entailing,

nor divine chorus baptizing can nought

assuage besotted dada's flesh, handwrought

hence fiery eternal damnation

no gunsmoke match e'en gunfought

by Jesse James, no penitence

bequeathed only dreadnought

visa vis admitting how affair

kneaded joyus kindling brought


philandering husband discovered

emotional refuge (against spousal

epithet strewn expletive language,

whence mistress besought

similar sexual satisfaction,

and subsequent fallout an afterthought.


retrospective reflection stills nothing

more serious then slap on the wrist

while engaged (~ January 2010) with

nothing sinful 'bout peccadillo tryst


understandable wife got sorely pissed

on the sly behaviour the missus

blindsided, hence over

looked and missed

and figurative wedge

cleft asunder nearly kissed


our marriage goodbye

extra-marital romp illicit,

though we nearly came to fist

sta cuffs, where salty crude name calling

in conjunction with execrable

derogatory cussing contribution complicit.




  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 10th, 2018 17:23
  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Blackhawkwings

    Different, surely a poet's poem, a interesting tell. Very interesting.

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