Michael J. Schaeffer

Quite Insane


Quite Insane

The Locomotive is in its Sufficient Gear. Scorching on its Rails. Crazy this Engine can be. A Mind in Complete Firmness. Positive and Determined to Take Charge. She is Sitting at the Top of the Stairs. She is Steaming and Blistering with Her Hair as She Looks at You. Young Amy. The Mystery of Life and Earth. This Young Ghost Looks Straight at You and is Convinced. She will take You Piece by Piece. Your Sanity and Normality. Your Mind is No Challenge for this Wicked, Wicked Witch. Her Children and Husband were Not an Object of Love. They were a Pain. They were a Pest to Her. Young Amy. You can Spot Her. She Stares at You with the Look of Death. Young Amy. Your not the Enemy Really. She's Quite Insane. The Wicked Witch that Young Amy can Spot at the Top of the Stairs. This Locomotive is in Full Speed and has a Derail in Mind. Crazy this Sanity in the House that She likes to Remain and Hide Young Amy. Watch Out Young Sane X-Ray Eyes...



  • sylviasearcher

    I have never seen the dead files but I can't help but feel that young Amy has been demonised here. To take all the blame.

    The poem is good but I wondered if it were satirical?

    We live in this society where people who feel deeply and follow instincts are damned. They are evil and insane.

    Things are never so simple as they would seem.

    It is easier to believe in insanity and witches than to question the very foundations of a society which discards non-conformists, gives up on the hopeful, demonises the non-settlers.

    Unless your a wealthy man of course. Wealth and manhood that will save you from the curse.

    (Sorry I believe I am projecting some very emotive personal thoughts on your poetry... At least that shows the power of the story you told)

    Best wishes
    Sylvia (aka an insane witch)

    • Michael J. Schaeffer

      Amy is not he villain here. Maybe I didn’t make my writing clear. She has the X-Ray Eyes & can see the Ghost. The Ghost is Insane & is Haunting. Amy is a Innocent Person who has a Gift as in the Dead Files. Amy is a Ghost Hunter in the Show. The Ghost is a Young Ghost too. If You Never Saw the Show it would be Confusing. Thanks for your message.

      • sylviasearcher

        Oh then I mean what I said about the ghost

      • orchidee

        I thought you just heard me singing, and so chose this title for this poem! heehee.

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