soulcial media

i had a nightmare. people falling from very high buildings, i'm not sure why. people just falling, splatting onto the ground. as i look around me i see everyone with shock & awe all over their faces, looking up at these people but not with their actual eyes. through cell phone screens. horror began to fill up inside me. i tried to scream & yell for someone to help them - "stop recording, call the police, do something!" but no one could hear me. everyone was too distracted by the amount of views, likes, & shares they were receiving. filmimg the remains of human beings as if we were in a virtual reality. i woke up in a cold sweat & with the realization that my "nightmare" isn't far from the reality of today.

when did snapchat take the place of a person's well being? why are views more important than empathy? why are likes stealing our conciousness? the internet is stealing our souls. if not handled carefully, it can traumatize us. Or worse, desensitize. seeing something through a screen doesn't make it less real. but people don't care as long as they get the attention they want. they become slaves to it. social media is making us numb.

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