Pursuing Her

Not that I do not,

enjoy pursuing her.

I do.

Still, will my love,

ever tell me how,

she truely feels.

My love, I want you with me.

I want us to be more than friends.

Yet, it is partially my fault.

I do not even have,

a place for you to stay.

Someday my love,


I will send for you.

We will be together,

and we will be married.

We will start,

our own family,

and love and raise our child.

Whether you have my child,

or if we adopt,

no matter the circumstances,

you being my wife,

will be a true blessing from God.

Still, I must know,

how you feel toward me.



It can be a painful,

or a wonderful thing.

It is a fact,

that we will always,

put Christ first.

There is no denying that.

Still, let us serve him together.

Nevertheless my love,

I must know if you love me.








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    Lovely work, really real. ~E

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