i remember the first time we met

you pulled me out of the

closet i had been hiding in

forced me out into the light

and i wanted to you to

keep on saying my name

just keep looking at me

making me feel beautiful


i remember the first time we kissed

my room was a mess

but we stood in a clear spot on the

salt and pepper carpet that i always hated

and when you said i could kiss you

fireworks went off in my head

and when you made my bottom lip bleed

it felt like i had

died and gone to heaven

i loved you so much


i remember the last time

that we went trick or treating

wearing a costume that made this

old lady that asked way too

many questions think i was a boy

and we stopped in the middle of

the street


standing so close in the semi-dark

the kiss was not chaste

our mouths crashed together

like waves against the sandy shore


and i dropped my pillowcase of candy

to hold you with both hands


and when we broke apart

i wiped your sweet spit off my chin

and stuck my fingers in my mouth

tasting you amidst the candy bars


  • dusk arising

    Fun writing. I believe everyone should write like this about their lovers. In years to come you can look at the stuff you wrote and those memories will come back fresh instead of just letting the years fade them away.
    Please comment on my poem today.

  • Lawless

    Yes, keep those fond memories forever.

    • queer-with-a-pen

      Been in love with them for ten years. Hoping to have lots more memories with them. Writing about them is bitter sweet, but it is what it is. I am glad you enjoyed my poem.

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