Comfort and Ease for Control

Comfort and Ease for Control   S. De Gregorio July 2018



Welcome to the Big data free for all

Your liberties are under attach, see how they fall

Millions spent on creative applications

To entice you surrender your personal information



Your intimate details in their data files

Millions of faceless people’s profiles

You’re just a number, another data set

Mined and exploited through the internet                      



A permanent record of your spending trends

Will be collected and refined to the bitter end

They know where you are at any given time

It’s not by chance, it’s by their design



The surveillance camera, your safe eye in the sky

Will soon be the tool that forces you to comply

The data they collect every day on TwitterA

Gets packaged and sold to the highest bidder







Comfort for control is the choice you make

Giving up your rights for a shitty piece of cake

Meta-data collection is the currency of the day

Disguised so you don’t know your being surveyed   


Comfort for control is the choice you make

To limit the data, they strive to take

Click by click collections run at full throttle

There’s no putting this Genie back in the bottle

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