little dove

outside the window

A stone wall sits next to a golden palace 
a place of white horses living like white doves 
calm and playful next to the cold stone 
rainbows of harmony shine like a happy sun

Through the looking glass we see pink roses 
pink roses we can obtain and pink roses running away 
we dream of white horses to escape the dark night 
And we dream of seeing happy frogs outside the window

Snow comes once in some winters 
So now all we can see is white whilst the sunflowers hide 
gazing at white horses and white snow all is safe 
There is no need for this stone wall as tall as a mountain


  • Michael Edwards

    It's a good way of getting inspiration and it worked here. Also it was a pleasure reading something that isn't introspective - good write.

    • little dove

      yeah I think it is a good way. I think just taking a poetry prompt can help sometimes. Thankyou

    • Heartwriter

      Beautiful write!

    • Burning Crow

      Great poem I sometimes do similar things to get inspiration some of mine come from music or story's.

      • little dove

        thanks :)
        Yeah I used to sometimes listen to a song and just write random words and write a poem from that
        But I don't do that too often any longer
        But music is a good inspiration yeah

      • Joe Dawson

        Hello Little dove, I applaud your work, a most enjoyable read. Keep it up. Joe

        • little dove

          thankyou very much Joe
          Glad you enjoyed reading my poem

        • Michael J. Schaeffer

          I like how you used another writing to inspire this poem. The poem is good. You left a note for your reasons for writing or inspiration. I do the same with a history book or movie. I use a form of inspiration. Their are many way of expression and inspiration. Creativity. Like a detective who digs to solve the case.

        • lasergraph

          A fine read.

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