Stan Rodriguez

Sensual Dreams

Feel the movement of the lines

let your eye focus

on the edge of an eternal fire.


Let the focus—find a starting point

when your lips can wrap around

and make a meal of all your wishes.


While you’re sitting in-between clouds of white

and reading fairy tales—

where the wolf eats his fill

and life goes on—somewhat—happy ever-after.


You know the frame of your desire

draw it well within your thighs

and let the sweat pour…at your release


As you begin your evening dream

trying to make it real—real enough

to keep you in a coma

that will last till Sunday morning.


Then you can rest in thoughts

of could-have-been—what weren’t…

and let the loop play again and yet again

until your time expires.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Rich in inventiveness and assonance this read stirs sensuality and needs reading again . Into my favs. this goes Stan.

  • Stan Rodriguez

    Thank you for your comments - they are truly appreciated.

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