brianna jean zeiger

autopsy .



“a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease”


One day that’ll be done to me,


Theyll open me up, 

Which is scary to me 

‘cause I don’t open up to people easily. 


They’ll discover things,

They’ll test me.

They’ll see all the damage I have done to me

They’ll see all the damage you did to me when you were around.


When they look into me,

There will be an esophagus that has been eroding since I was nine,


There will be a colon that is damage due to my laxatives abuse 

showing that to myself I was never benign,


There will be my heart that slowly started to wither due to my malnutrition and excessive use of diet pills.


They’ll look into my open body and find out my secrets. 


They’ll see my lungs black, full of tar from the cigarettes I’ve been chain smoking since I was 15 to curb my hunger. 


They’ll trace back the Prozac I was put on because of you. 

They’ll look into my brain and see the lack of dopamine I produced


And it won’t be hard to see on the reason I died. 


I don’t open up to people easily,

But one day,

I’ll have to. 



  • Poetic Dan

    That's was the most powerful write ever, you took me right back to place I didn't want to go, even now the tears are telling me so.
    Thank you so much for opening up to us, I promise if you keep going you'll find we appreciate every breath in your lungs. Dam it now I'm sprinkling (crying) all over my phone, thank you for helping heal this wound.
    If I have only one wish my words would do this for you too.
    Much respect and love

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