little dove

Through the eyes of a bird

I am tired from my day yet I still fly

fly to my nest, fly at my best

my little eyes see such wonderous blue

The blue surrounds me and is all around me


Sometimes my wings take my body through the fluffy white

the soft clouds that are as white as my friend the dove

sometimes I fly in a flock oblivious to the beauty of this pattern

Never knowing why the human eyes look up above


I sit quietly and I sing on the young trees and the trees that stand like giants

I create lovely little lands with natures items just because I can

I breathe in the green worlds and I soak in the yellow kind circle

I fly around only being me with my friends singing at my side


Being a little bird I sometimes wish to cool down off in the sparkling sea

How I wish to touch the sea water where fishes like dolphins play

But I am a little bird and the sea is slightly foreign to me

But when the rain remembers rainbows can form I fly through tender colours


The sparkling soothing sun warms me like baths soothe a aching body

Other birds create comforting calls I do not have to even make a wish

I may not be like a hunting lion living in humid Africa

But at least the flowers petals, the raindrops and the trees encase me with love


  • OldPine


    • little dove

      wow thanks very much for such a kind comment i am glad you enjoyed this poem

    • Heartwriter

      Such a sweet write. Pure and flying free like the white dove! Beautiful!

      • little dove

        thanks very much for your lovely words and glad you enjoyed this
        despite having a extremely low day with my mental health this was one of my only achievements and i am quite proud of it
        so thank you

        • Heartwriter

          As you should be. It was written very brilliant.

        • Joe Dawson

          From broken wing to flying high, a fairy story? No! Real life! An achievement in any language. Beautiful. JD

          • little dove

            i tried to imagine what it would be like to be a bird i guess
            i guess i also in a way wish that my world felt as nice as i could imagine maybe some others worlds feels
            ie some peoples worlds lives feel pretty feel lovely feel like what they want
            and somes dont feel like what they desire,
            sometimes i look at the world and at nature and see so much beauty
            and i love birds aswell
            thankyou very much

          • yellowrose

            Very beautiful ! I love every line ... a great poem , 🙂🌸

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