Because I Ask


I sit and I talk to God

I ask him how he sees me 

And he pours out to me freely


For example 

there was a day

I laid back 

On a swing

Looking up into the trees


I said Lord! Sweet Papa!

How do you see me?

Like a breath of wind 

And a rush of excitement 

He opened my eyes 

And began to enlighten me


He said so soft 

And with confidence 

“This tree you see

Is like you, to Me


It’s built on a foundation 

Rooted in Me

It’s beautiful

And grand 

And like no others that you will ever see”


With wonder and a questioning heart I longed to know more

And before I could even ask 

He said  “can I break this down for you

Because I have barely cracked the door”


With a tear and a nod 

His heart pours into me


“Each branch you see

Is a defining moment that you lived

And every single twig

Hold the weight of your choices 

Good or bad

Every single green leaf 

Is a moment that you have lived,

A prayer that you have prayed

Or a person that you effect


These thousands of beautiful leafs 

Mark the moments you remember 

And the ones that are forgotten


As a whole you are strong 

A remarkable creation

But your still soft enough

To stay in constant motion

To smile and dance in the breeze

To catch the raindrops when they come 

without losing your composure”


With a stunned and awed demeanor 

In a gentle voice I softly cried

Your joyful explanation Lord

Was more than I deserve


He said “shall I go on then dear

Because I tell you THERE IS MORE


You see I know every leaf you have lost 

I know every blossom that has bloomed 

I am proud to say that I watch you

I know every part of you 


Every piece of bark

You have grown 

Trying to protect yourself 

Every single branch that fell

In the storms of your life

I know every grain of sand 

That ever rested against your roots

I know the sound of every rustle you have ever made


Your focused on your past my love 

The way that you have grown

And while your trapped looking back 

At the seasons that have gone

I know every leaf and every thing of you 

For every season that’s to come


In your life you will go through seasons where you are full of life

With leafs and blossoms everywhere

Then you will go through seasons of rest

Where others may think your dead

Then you will bloom again and  again

And you will keep growing 

Greater and more beautiful 

Until the end”


Now there, on that swing 

I was undone

I didn’t think that I meant that much to anyone

He left me knowing that he wasn’t even through

He stopped to let me process 

And thank goodness that He did


I am so glad I was aloud to choose Him for my Life

I would never know I was important if I never did.


  • Author: blessednloved (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 18th, 2018 22:04
  • Comment from author about the poem: It’s hard to express his profoundness in words but he really breaks me down! The Father is so good!!!
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  • Christina K

    God is so good! I love when he opens my eyes to new perspectives! Such a good write - thanks for sharing!

    • blessednloved

      Thank you Christina K I am glad you enjoyed it! And yes He is Sooo good!!!

    • Rainbow

      I don't belive in god myself . But even so i love this poem the words you have used and tgd images created . i love how you have spoken of tgd leaves on the tree and used the tree to symbolise parts of you .

      • blessednloved

        Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words! I hope you are blessed with a great day today!

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