little dove


Gliding with white snow she moves under the sunshine
making no sound she moves across the lake like a dove
On the lake she sits with other snow white swans
Her majestic wings existing like a purple calm butterfly

Sitting under the cool shade she sits protected by a trees leaves
Resting away from the sun and sitting on the green green grass
She always stays as free as the breeze and never has a cage
Her white beauty sparkles like pink roses in a field

On a winters day the swans shape stays very artistic
The cold will never stop her from sitting on the ice
On a summers day the sunshine makes her glitter
And in the darkness her snow white beauty still beams


  • Heartwriter

    Lovely write. You described their beauty and grace so well.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, I have written many poems about swans, they are wonderful birds and instil inspiration within us.

  • blessednloved

    This is beautiful! Great write!!!


    THANKS DOVE ~ Your elegant Poem paints a perfect picture of the SWAN V 1. gliding ~ sitting ~ majestic V 2. resting ~ free ~ sparkling V 3. artistic shape ~ glistening ~ beaming ! I love your similes ~ very descriptive 'A purple calm butterfly' 'Free as the breeze' 'In the darkness her snow white beauty still beams' Saved as favourite ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Yours ~ Brian & Angela

    • little dove

      thankyou very much both of you!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks DOVE we loved it and have saved as FAVOURITE. Please check our Collaboration Poem "The first time ever ................... ?" Thanks B & A

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