little dove

a wish

Mystical moons dance upon the forest floor 
sparkling stars shine every where we go 
ripples of beauty stand still in time 
while some quiet violet bluebells are scared and can't dance 

we wish to reside with the trees and the mystical silver nights 
and always pray for stars that breathe like gentle flames 
we need to let the bluebells dance amongst the roses 
we need to sail away to a world of peach lullabies 

blossoming roses are not always as free as we see 
we can run forwards and still our feet stick like glue 
our wings may be crushed under dark dangerous volcanoes 
while the shimmering sensitive suns avoid our souls 

dreaming seems to create daggers of hurt in mountains 
we look at doves and we look at daisies and we see gentleness 
Seeing pink warmth and feeling cold clouds creates tears 
If only magic dreams lived in the daisies and the doves


  • Goldfinch60

    I could quite happily live there Little Dove.

  • Michael Edwards

    We can but dream - fine write

  • dusk arising

    Is this that 'somewhere - over the rainbow?' ... So easily i could walk, sleep and dream in this world if only to dance with those bluebells upon wings of freedom.
    Lovely fantasy writing.

    • little dove

      wow thanks very much. I would love to live in a fantasy world or be able to escape to some colourful fantasy place.

      • dusk arising

        May i invite you to venture into the fantasy world i envisioned in a piece i published here in August last year entitled 'quench'.... if you like fantasy worlds i'd love to read a comment from you about this.

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      • little dove

        I will have a look later yeah

      • Joe Dawson

        Very enjoyable - loved it.

      • Jim Yates

        Well penned Little Dove

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks DOVE ~ Dreams in essence are an expression of our sub-conscience dreaming of how we would love things to be. You have expressed these thoughts perfectly in your elegant poem ! Yours BRIAN & ANGELA Please check my Poem MADE IN MICHIGAN ~ Thanks B

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