the magical forest

this is no ordinary forest
leaves stay strong in autumn and winter
hands tug but nothing shifts from the many twigged tree's
gusts of wind and cold drops of snow fall fast
an inch before the uppermost leaves
and snow shifts sideway speedily
as if by magic, travelling to the left and right
leaving the bunch of tree's behind

underneath the roof of tree's
and in the forest itself lies flowers
one foot tall from the lowest petal to the top
like giant tulips smiling in tow with the fantastical trees
multicoloured like the rainbow

pixies like to live by their side
hiding away when people step into the forest
in the back of tree's where doorways and hideaways linger
magical beings do their best to stay out of sight
when a person starts to wander through the tree's
tiny minds and fragile wings are easily frightened

humanity struggles to believe in magical forests
they are simply in stories and dreams
fantasy books made into pictures

when someone steps into their realm
magic is felt but unseen by human eyes
the giant tulips hide underground
when human footsteps linger
they shrink away , afraid to be pulled from their roots

this forest is magical in tremendous ways
all is alive and full of feeling
strong and self aware, on alert, watchful
resilient and vibrant

try to step inside and all you will notice
is the lack of leaves
on the cushiony floor underneath your feet
your eyes will be disappointed at the lack of flowers
but you will feel alive in every fiber of your being
the trees will feel like they have uttered words to you
skin and mind energised like nothing before


  • dusk arising

    Yes yes yes for i have felt this mystery. Entering the cool forest there is an overbearing quiescence as if some things living there are holding their breath and hiding.
    I sense not their fear but their need to maintain their otherworldliness.
    The trees, who know all, see all but tell nothing. Though they do speak to me in ways i don't yet understand.
    Is this the place of which you write? I am enthralled and want to venture in.

    • yellowrose

      it was supposed to be about an actual magical forest. i am sure that the inhabitants of a forest may well hide at times, especially if they sense humans. thanks for the comment

    • Stan Rodriguez

      descriptive -lovely poem - very nicely penned - strong imagery - I enjoyed it very much - thank you for sharing.

    • Fay Slimm.

      I agree trees are magical and walking beneath them "all is alive and full of feeling" - a truly inspiring poem my friend and a pleasure to read.

      • yellowrose

        thankyou very much fay :-)

      • Unsub


        intriging & atmospheric feel to this piece.

        Was totally engrossed in it; great visuals too.


        • yellowrose

          thankyou :-) glad you enjoyed

        • Fiscanto

          I like your magic poem! I enjoyed it very much.

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