Nicholas Browning


This warming sand beneath my heels reminds me of a place I once visited.

Nothing but the sound of joyous waves nestling back and forth between the rock face in front of me.

It beckons nostalgia, and remorse as well.

So, I close my eyes and peer further into the stream.


As certain as the leaves depart in Autumn's changing,

It would seem that fate has placed me once again at the center of a predicament.

Deflating turbulence softly whirls, confrontation is near, yet still far off course.

With zeal I make haste, back to where my journey ended, and where the end began.


The sheep have all scattered. There is no more of them to count.

Be it so, somehow I must tire.

Restless, yearning with great wonder how the light could be so bright at night,

I give myself unto the fire.


Others can do it so simply.

Like a snap of a finger, then there it is.

Almost as if they were telekinetic.

They must all think of me with scorn and disgust,

For I am no magician.


Pleading oneself to Egyptian Gods,

prostrating at their altar.

Knowing the truth is yet near nor far,

Reverence is the lock, curiosity is the key.


Subtle trance, remind the fools at the top of their glory

That we are a byproduct of greed.

Haste without a means;

A vision without a dream.


I gaze down from atop my treasury window,

A view suited for bureaucrats.

I would wage any amount of currency that what they would see,

Is a nest of insects.

Well, I'm no blue blood,

But my view isn't much different.

  • Author: Nicholas Browning (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 20th, 2018 06:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: Been a while, folks. Hope you all are well. Ive been meaning to write in my free time, I just didn't want it to be something morbid or depressing, which are my specialties by the way. I wrote this in around an hour. It's a weird yet truthful depiction of what I've gone through since I've posted here. Ah, life is not always so kind; Nor is it always crude. I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day if it pleases you. Toodles.
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  • orchidee

    Coeee, that you in the pic, or some other guy?! A fine write N.

  • Stan Rodriguez

    nicely written - nice imagery - strong - enjoyed your poem thanks for sharing. get them coming.

  • onepauly

    the first and second lines, and that word trance. I smoked a six inch joint sitting in the sand, and watch the waves crash into the rocks below.
    it was very transcending.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Thank you very much sir. Haha, a six inch joint in the sand doesn't sound so horrible. Glad the first two lines hit home.

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