Did I write every word on this page, for you to read, because there was no other way?

No other option, no other path, no other choice, but the one you just made, our every choice has lead us both here, yeah that old chestnut that fills most with fear.

A minority understand it, probably the same minority that can handle it, when the realisation hits, you alone single handedly have control, over none of this..

That's where the magic is, for me personally, who would've expected dinosaurs to pop round for tea? And them new aliens who moved in at number 23, he's alright but she's a bit stuffy don't you think? Anything could happen you see, whilst we're here dizzyingly spinning through infinite space time at an incalculable speed.

Anything that can happen will happen apparently, personally I believe we all keep coming and going from body to body, but that's just me, I've felt that way ever since I heard energy can neither be destroyed nor created, mix that with a few Bhuddist by nature beliefs and you get the things we think of at Midnight + 17.

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  • Published: July 20th, 2018 18:17
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  • dusk arising

    All too true and masterfully written as per.
    Now i'm gonna try to preach to you. I rekkon we all like to see comments made to our writing on here. Your profile page reveals you dont post comments (like many others) but... my suggestion to you is.... if you comment upon others work then you will attract more readers and comm ents (u can start by commenting on mine LOL).. no, joking apart thats really how this site works best.
    I'd like to see your work influenciing more ppl, more readers.

    • Edthepoet

      Do you seeeeeeee the light?! Haha. I hear you dusk, I hear you. I find leaving comments only to receive comments leaves a lot to be said for the authenticity of said comments though.. Catch my drift? I do read your work, I'm a big fan. I'll take your point on board though and engage a little more..I'm not a social creature to be honest.

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