Michael J. Schaeffer

A Slight Alter


A Slight Alter

The Ghost Ship is in Control and Remains in Dry Dock. Electrified. The Registration is Complete. Life is Stable and Retuning to Normal. Mission Complete. No One is Really Left. Its just Slightly Altered. Religion or Religious. No Quarter. A Drop Out Rate. Needed and Enforced. We need to know how Tough. We need to know how Good. We need to know how to Be. The 50 Ghosts that Whisper and the Shadows that have No Time or Date. Oblivion. Just Historic and Significant. No Face on the Ship to Guide Through the Hazy Fog. Its just Slightly Altered and Mission is now Complete. The Dry Dock is Closed and being used now for Storage. Sanitize. Cleanse. Voodoo? The Area? New Mexico and the Lights that Brighten the Sky. Religion or Religious. The Sign and Who really is Left. Historic. The Shadow Man is all Around and He would like You. Consume You. The Neighborhood is in Control and Remains. The Ship should be in Dry Dock. Registration is Complete. Life is Stable and Returning to Normal.



  • Heartwriter

    What a cool write. Painted a great pic in my mind. Drew with words. Awesome.

  • Michael J. Schaeffer

    Thank You for the comment. I hope you have been well. I took a brake from my poetic side & now have got back involved with it. 👽👽👽

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