I’m writing a poem of rage and anger, wishing not to let these emotions linger. I see people in this world harming others, beating friends and killing brothers. My stomach aches, it all makes me sick, wishing I could smash their heads with a brick. A father protects, cares for and guides, while another beats their child, until broken inside. A mother loves and heals the heart, now I watch another tear her family apart. This world is ugly, blackened and untrue, does all of this hate not sicken you too? Look at my heart, it used to be strong, over time it turned black, and it didn’t take long. I have grown up with nothing but sorrow, still I helped others as my bones darkened to their marrow. I’ve lost my will, I cannot fight, will no one help me before I lose the light? I’m writing a poem of rage and anger, please don’t let all this emotion linger.


  • little dove

    very well expressed in this heartfelt poem

    • Seon

      Thank you

    • Poetic Dan

      A pen warrior you are
      Never picking up arms
      Words wiser than bombs
      It's black to theirs
      But pure to ours

      I felt this pain so much thank you for letting it out.

      • Seon

        We spend years holding in our guilt, all of our pain in the home we've built. Perhaps it's time to unlock the door, life is full of anguish, our hearts growing sore.

        Thank you for your comment.

      • Candlewitch

        I can really relate to this piece! have hope...

        *hugs, Cat

        • Seon

          hope is hard to feel, with everything ive been through it seems to be like a fairy tail when i am happy, i hope it will change

          Thank you for your comment.

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