The Adventure of terrific Tyler and Friends The Crystal Tree


Once upon a time in the deepest, darkest most dangerous Jungle there lived a man eating tiger who was a big as two scary gorrillas. He had two eyes that were big and as round as plates. His eyes were as yellow and firey as the sun. The tiger was friends with a man crushing python. The python was 20 feet long and as wide as car! Together the friends like to catch men  and crush them and eat them for their tea.

Also living in the deepest, darkest, most dangerous jungle was Terrific Tyler, his side kick Loud Lee and Elvina- you wont find anyone meaner!

The tree viciious villians were friends with a herd of dinosaurs. One day Terrific Tyler Loud Lee and Elvina were talking with their friends the dinosaurs. Larry the lizard said he knew where they could steal a beautiful and rare Crystall tree, but first they would need to get passed a man eating tiger and a man crushing python. Bernie the dragon then shouted -we need a plan! get us into action! choursed the rest of the dinosaurs.Stanley the stegosaurus said Loud Lee should make a noise to distract the tiger and the python, then Terrific Tyler puts on his flying helmet  and from the top of Bernie the dragons head jlies over the tiger and python with the help of Elvina. Terrific Tyler will tie the tigers tail to a tree and drop a heavy boulder on the python. When they are trapped Terrific Tyler will give them some of his terrific 10 hours sleeping potion to knoc them out , thenwe can steal the beautiful and rare Crystal tree. Terrific Tyler , Loud Lee and Elvina - thought the plan was inspiring and awesome! It was now time to set off into the deepest , darkest, most dangerous jungle. Terrific Tyler picked up his  flying helmet. He Loud Lee, Elvina and the herd of dinosaurus began their journey to find the beautiful and rare Crystal tree.


The intreped adventures had been stalking through the deepest , darkest , most dangerous jungle for 30 minutes when they came across a clearing. In the clearing was the man eating tiger and the man crushing python. There were both guarding the beautiful and rare Crystal tree. Immediately the group of vicious villans went into the action. Loud Lee began running in the opossite direction flapping his arms and making bird noise kah ka akka, tooky, tooky. The man eating tiger heard the noise. He cocked his head, put, put his nose in the air and sniffed. Paul the python turned to his friend and hissed What is the matter? I can smell people! groweled Graham. They smell irresistable! Did someone say irresisssssstable?! hissed Paul the python in excitement. Graham the tiger rose to his feet and began running in the direction of Loud Lee. Paul the python was following closely behind. Quick as a flash , Terrific Tyler flew over the top of the tiger and python. He was wearing his famous helmet. Terrific Tyler plunged down toward the man eating tiger. Before Graham knew what was going on, Terrific Tyler had swipped his tail up from the ground. Terrific Tyler dragged Graham the man eating tiger toward a huge rubber plant and tied his tail tightly around it.Once the tiger been secured Terrific Tyler began to run after Paul the python who was quickly cloising in on Loud Lee. Even with Terrific Tyler lightening speed he was finding it difficult to keep up with Paul the python. All of a sudden, from no where Terry the terradactyl swooped down from the sky and clamped Paul the python to the ground with his razor sharp claws. Andrew the ankylosaurus was hot on the heels of his friend Terry the terradacyl.Andrew swung his muscular tail fiercely , in one fell swoop, Andrew brought his heavy muscular tail crashing down on top of Paul the pythons head, knocking him clean out!


Terrific Tyler was very pleased that he and his friends had finally captured the python and the tiger. The next and most important step was to give them the magic ten hour sleeping potion.Terrific Tyler had spent many years studying the ancient and mystical pigme tribes of South America. He had learnt the secret art of the deadly blow pipe. Terrific Tyler whiped out his blow pipe from the inside of his jacket. He loaded the pipe with the magic ten hour sleeping potion pellets. Tyler then aimed and fired the pelets at the python and tiger. The pellets stab into their flesh and they fall asleep. Their bodies slumping to the ground. Terrific Tyler , Loud Lee and Elvina, steel the beautiful and rare Crystal Tree. They walk back in silence enchanted by the beauty of the colors of the Crystal Tree and forever after that they kept admiring it.

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  • Published: July 23rd, 2018 06:45
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  • orchidee

    Terrific Tyler (you?!) and friends to the rescue, once and again! heehee..

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