To "Sir" With Hate

(cira December 22nd, 1996)


Abby tested positive, (sans colonized)
with clusters of Group B streptococcus
(GBS, a type of bacterial infection found
within vagina and/or rectum) undergoing
routine prenatal examinations during third
trimester of pregnancy with (Eden),

which intent toward natural childbirth delivery
preparations came to screeching halt, cuz said
harmful naturally existing toxic secretions
(detected within about 25% of all healthy,
adult women), thus midwives at Bryn Mawr

Birthing Center could no longer countenance
(against good interdenominational faithful con
science and any impending lawsuits) assist with
timely delivery starkly aware of serious adverse
risks via incumbent natural birth.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hence sea change

immediately adopted

pitting mum blame

ming discombobulation

as she scuttled

linkedin with intravenous tubes game

lee crossing Township Line Road

(all the while,

her body shored up lame

basted with necessary intravenous sustaining

nutriment fluids none

of which I could name

awaiting to be wheeled into sterile

antiseptic hospital prenatal

ward, where shame

enveloped descended,

where questions addressed

to fly by night doctor

brushed away unlike

storybook television medics,

where real life hectic frenzy all hustle

and abustle becalm temporarily tame

when cameo appearance

of Doctor Do Little rushed into fray

(hastening onset of cervical dilation to grow

so he could, return as an ordinary Joe

to his interrupted round golf

with Trump at Mar-a-Lago)

when labor pains

did not start less or mo

(at the convenience

of obstetrician), a no

name generic brand hailed

from "doc" side of the moon oh

most without consensus,

hestarted "mother"

on an IV infusion poe

shun of oxytocin

(brand name Pitocin),

which agitation provoked

roil (royal) row

her disposition to

high blood pressure

quieted by attendant

mid wives beaming

at "starry eyed student,"

who uttered whoa

Already daughter wasted

no time lambasting us

newly minted parents for intervening,

sans natural status quo

versus surrendering "scheduled birth"

before launching into

the peroration slow

wing enunciation (something

about Dorothy and

the wizard of Id) in toto

of a lengthy excoriating speech, she rehearsed

while she bobbed around in utero

like ma's yoyo.


The departure from maternity ward

back to Pennfield Manor Apartments

of Hatfield, Pennsylvania

appeared (hyperbole understated)

as a double edged sword,

an ill fitting car seat

generating highest decibels

screaming (do nut under estimate

the lungs of a newborn)

whom this papa being hard

of hearing now, thereafter

hitherto known as

the pantomiming bard.



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