midnight on the old Bliss Farm (for dusk arising) by: e. styx

midnight on the old Bliss Farm (for dusk arising)by:e.styx

three teen girls
tucked into their beds
spinning forbidden dreams
it's not sugar plums in their heads!

elsie, thirteen, visits the barn
while old man Bliss'
with ghostly hands milks the cows
and he blows her a kiss.

marla, fifteen, the horses will feed
going the rounds and checking equine feet,
she's a little too young just yet
but he thinks she's real sweet.

tisha, seventeen, still in bed
tender and ripe for the taking,
she stretches and yawns
invitation ready for the slaking!

now, with such tender treats
he's had his own way...
with new dreams in his head,
his ghostly form fades away!


  • dusk arising

    What ghostly form in the blood moon mist
    Stole a virgin heart from old man Bliss
    How she writhed and cried though her body ached
    But now breathless lays, his passion slaked
    And biding time, mindful and slow
    Just two years grace for fifteen to grow
    Luscious beauty ripe from the bud
    He'll sate his thirst 'pon virgin blood

    Well it's all in a days work for a creature of the night.

    • Candlewitch

      wow, d.a.

      i like yours much better than mine!!! thanks for this 😉

      ever, eddy

      • dusk arising

        No, yours is the original, the root, the stimulus, mine is just having a bit of fun. I just get carried away on other peoples themes sometimes... ooppss.

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      • Heartwriter

        Cat you do these spooky ones so dang good! Loved it.

        • Candlewitch

          thank you Heart, but this is an eddy styx poem 😉 he thanks you too!

          ever, eddy

        • Joe Dawson

          Young ladies dream and young men wish, is that a ghost - I think it is! Novel in the extreme, an overture of wickedness to come. Deeper than deep. Joe

          • Candlewitch

            yes, Joe!

            thanks for reading between the lines!

            ever, eddy

          • JasmineUK

            Seventeen is in toddler time, Council flat, on vodka and lime,
            Fifteen is following her miss-lead,
            Up the duff after a night on speed,
            Thirteen is hooked making porn,
            Sexchat star for the keyboard forn.

            The acned bogey men fornicate, behind the old bike shed,
            on the Bliss Farm estate!

            • Candlewitch

              LOL, thank you Jasmine, for expanding the theme! 🙂

              ever, eddy

            • Goldfinch60

              May that ghostly form now stay away,
              and not come back another day.
              the young are pure with lives ahead,
              leave them alone, tucked up in bed.

              Good dark write eddy.

              • Candlewitch

                thank you Goldfinch, for responding and adding to the tale 😉

                ever, eddy

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