I, Dido

I find myself fixing on
you again.
Now that the curtains have been drawn and tied back
with hard rope, the light comes in slowly
and returns to me.
I read their story
and I think of her as me
and him as you and I see
by the warmth of the light
all the possibility that was held in the glances we held
and those moments of innocence that faded as soon as they arrived.
And yet in every moment there is anguish,
because in every moment there she is,
with a life that matches yours
with that same purity.
But this is a tragic story I read,
so it is right that I be her,
because their love was divine and yet never fated, and you were cursed
to never care.
So when you leave with all your comrades,
and you look back from sea to see
the fires of my passions flare
and collapse upon themselves,
let your hearts be filled with a darkness.
For whilst she returned to glory,
I have no Sycheaus
to answer my grief with grief, nor my love with love.
And yet, she held her grudge
as her sword
But I will bear no weapons against you
I only wish I could have Graced you as she does
And as you do me

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