Between a Rock and a Broken Heart

An Abstract View of Life

     Days tick by slowly, the flickering of my computer screen snaps me from my trance, I sit in the dark inside a body so sore from emotions past. The scene underneath is a war torn field of regret, happiness, and sadness all strewn about like the aftermath of a hurricane.

     They say time heals all wounds but since that night it has trickled by like a wounded slug. The slow burn of the hours rolling past reignites the flames I've so desperately want to extinguish. My heart and brain yearn for you, your presence, and company. Your intellect and beauty are so other worldly to my broken interior. The idea of you brings a slight smile to my face but it slowly turns into pain as reality sets in.

     You don't love me but i don't blame you for it. We cant choose who we love, but my heart chose you. I love you more than I love anything else. Being around you is when im my happiest. Your support keeps me afloat as I drown in my own thoughts. Your presence makes me warm. You are my rock, and I need you. But for every ounce of happiness you provide the taste is bittersweet. You see love when im with you it always hurts just a little. The sting grows especially hot when we are alone together simply enjoying each others company until the sun says otherwise. You are my rock and I love you, but you are also my broken heart encapsulated in kindness and beauty. 

     I love you so much and god does it hurt...

  • Author: An Abstract View of Life (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 25th, 2018 17:45
  • Comment from author about the poem: Being in love with your best friend is hard. Especially when they cant return those emotions. Its hard to want to keep that closeness but feel the pain everytime you realize that in the end you arent the one for them even though they maybe the one for you.
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