little dove


rainbows are light, rainbows are bright
sitting in the sky they don't want a fight
appearing as if shot from some gentle arrow
a happy rainbow they may just be in a green meadow

colour painted like watercolour from a painters brush
positive colours dancing out of the sun and the rain
if only rainbows could fly inside darkened windows
and the rain droplets touched the yellow like a potion

The violet and the indigo just so deep and feminine
mixed with the yellow,  and a kind drop of blue
scarlett red and orange sunflowers dance in company
a touch of green sits above the green of the world

like a orange robin who fleetingly says hello
she sits ever so light and as pretty as a rose petal
rainbow sits for a while content like a frog on a pond
the soft colours will wave hello again like a peaceful dove


  • orchidee

    A lovely write Dove.

  • Heartwriter

    You are a fresh breath of wind that needs to blow over and over again. Such a beautiful rainbow you painted. Loved it!

    • little dove

      aaw thankyou very much Heartwriter that is extremely kind of you
      and thanks for reading

      • Heartwriter

        Your welcome!

      • Lorna

        Lovely poem - like your little metallic hummingbird.........

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