La Petit Morte.



If the definition of orgasm is “little death”then 

I have died many times. 

Languishing in a hazy afterglow of pleasure.

Limbs weak and rendered temporarily rubber.

Skin flushed  rose, lips full and red. 

Smooth contours of breast and hip and collar bone....

Luminous in their beauty....

Illuminated beneath  the watchful gaze of the moon as she peeps through the hastily drawn curtain.

Voyeur to the erotic and wild beauty of fluid bonding.

I have “died “ many times.

And yet I smile an indulgent knowing smile.

Soon I will experience my “little death”once again.








  • JasmineUK

    Taken swiftly to an irresistible plane,
    A personal obsession to never wane. 😆😆😆

    • camille

      It never does.. This is so true c x

    • orchidee

      Ooh what they up to here? Tell that voyeur to put those binoculars away! heehee.

      • camille

        Thanks for reading C x

      • Neville

        deliciously underdone but decidedly well writ and thoroughly enjoyed....


        • camille

          Thank you C x

          • Neville

            you are more than welcome...

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