Amy Lowell Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 8 de September de 2009 a las 02:52 pm

Poet Amy Lowell’s literary reputation, marred in her lifetime due to her lifestyle and at times overbearing personality, has in recent years begun to improve as new generations of readers have rediscovered her work. Born in 1874 in Brookline Massachusetts, Amy Lowell was the daughter of a prominent New England family, one that encouraged her […]


Haiku Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 5 de March de 2009 a las 11:12 pm

Haiku poems are among the most popular of the poetic forms, appealing to poetry lovers of all ages. Seemingly simple, deceptively direct, haiku poems are actually much more intricate than the few lines that comprise them would at first suggest. Haiku poems originated in Japan, where these poems were even more structured than they are […]