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  • Its Raskolnikov

    Happy B-day!

      • Accidental Poet

        Not sure why this is happening, but my birthday is not until December 11th. Thanks for thinking of me though.

        • Its Raskolnikov

          Lol, np

        • Martina Lynch

          AP i am leaving the site my email is stay in touch you have been such a lovely friend on here!

          • Martina Lynch

            I have two pictures now on my profile of scenery I took this year... I had really no idea about the use of light and very new to my camera... tell me what you think as these were really just by default, I have started to have a little more insight and my son is patient, bless him! lol

            • Martina Lynch

              Oh that picture of the lighthouse is so pretty! Great shot!

                • Accidental Poet

                  Thanks Martina. That's the Scituate lighthouse in the town I grew up in. ; )

                  • Martina Lynch

                    Well you live in a wonderful part of the world...such beautiful scenery!

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                  • Martina Lynch

                    That is a lovely photo on your Id I am assuming this is one of yours?

                      • Accidental Poet

                        Yes Martina, it's one of my photographs. It's sunrise in July 2010 at Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Thanks for your compliment.

                      • Julian Yanover

                        Welcome to My poetic side!

                          • Accidental Poet

                            Thank you Julian, I'm delighted to be here. Many talented writers here.

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