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    From hodgetiger - Jul 2nd (10:33)


    I sent you a message explaining and apologising for the deletion, which you haven't even acknowledged or bothered to reply to. This is the last you shall hear from me on the subject, or anything else



    Dear hodgetiger,

    since you have childishly blocked me to prevent me from replying here is my response.

    I have been away over the weekend; I did not realise your private message apologising for accidentally deleting one of my comments on your work had a specific targeted timed response attached to it.

    Your apology is accepted but hardly required; you just deleted my comment by accident; we're all human!

    Sorry you feel the need to block me because you deleted my comment; apologised & I didn't respond within 48 hours!

    It does seem a rather extreme action to make but that's up to you of course! I shall never hear from you again; I'm over it.

    kindest regards


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