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The wall of Agatha Rozz2

  • Agatha Rozz

    No offense, but...... if you're writing a literary work that you want people to take seriously, don't write it in Comic Sans. That is officially the forbidden font.

      • Rocky Lagou

        Hehe. Oh no, what happened this time! I feel like "The Wall" should be specifically for complaints, and I love how you're doing that. It's kind of like the "gossip" side of MPS. Kind of like "MyGossipSide." No but seriously, I agree. Some fonts just aren't appropriate for the scenario. I just wonder what poem it was that made you post this though? 🧐😅

      • Agatha Rozz

        What exactly is the purpose of "The Wall"? Sounds sort of ominous. Kinda spooky. ya know? I don't know.

          • Rocky Lagou

            Hehe! I'm literally dying with what you said, it does have a pretty sinister ring to it. I'll be honest, to this day with over two months on MPS, I still don't know. I guess it's a way to "update your readers" but to be honest no-one ever posts or reads it anyways. This site's a tad outdated ngl ;D

            • Natalia B. Odair

              Hahahahaha good point!!! It does sound ominous. Thanks for the laugh of the day!!

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