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The wall of Jorge G Sifuentes5

  • nair36

    Hey man,
    how have u been?

    • nair36

      thanks for your advice, i really liked your poems too, CRUSH to me seems like a true poetic piece of art that you read in poetry books. well written.

      • nair36

        is there specific poems that i cannot post? for example i had a past with marijuana and the grouphome life. Can i post some of those poems on the site? . . .

          • Jorge G Sifuentes

            I would say that you feel free to post anything your soul feel needs to be shared. Why not?
            What you are sharing are ideas, writen words, emotions, feelings, experiences, nowledge, anything that comes from your insight.
            Sensoring?... as long as these are your own and not stolen ideas, be open minded that people are going to tell you all kind of stuff..
            Let others to rate your work.. is it to strong for the readers?
            Don't worry share it anyways...

          • nair36

            thank you for your comments on my poems, i had a few questions though about the site if have the time to answer them. it would be apreciated very much. Thanks again

              • Jorge G Sifuentes

                I'm all ears....
                feel free to to ask, I'm a member and participant too..... just like you.

              • Julian Yanover

                Welcome to Poems and Poetry!

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