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  • darkreflection

    Let collaborate sometime my name Is Corey Racine I as well am trying to open the eyes of the blind and weary bring courage to the weak and carry the words for those who can not or will not speak. A soldier of humanity with my pen and my celerity ill aim to unveil lost souls poetically threw emotions buried deep this nation has grown numb to and is just a shadow of what its meant to be. It's up to us to thaw heart and join together here and now hope is fading together we all can be a Martin Luther king let make poetic history

      • Catherine Houston

        I was reading your message. I am very interested in hearing some more of your poetry. Send me a message in your free time. Maybe we can talk and share on some new ideas.

      • Catherine Houston

        My name is Catherine Houston. I just joined your web sight today. I am looking to post some of my own poems here. I will need a little assistance in learning how to do it.

        I am a strong talented writer. Looking to bring my stories into the lives of my community. I am currently in the process of writing my life story though poetry. In hopes of turning it into a book. I write real life experience's. About my drug addiction. Were it has carried me. The dark tunnels I have went through. The wholes that caused my feet to stumble. The wicked walls I walked through. I talk about the abuse I have endured. The sexual assaults. I share on how Hurricane Katrina. Changed my life and the storms it took me to.
        Today I am a changed woman with fifteen months clean and sober. Thriving to bring my destiny to life. My poetry speaks with great volume and touches the hearts of many. I write about a grieving mother. I pour my rage out on paper. I am an artist with the pen in my hand. I am still in recovery. I continue to write daily. About how my life is changing today. I am a child of God. Who has experienced a spiritual awakening. Out to draw others into a the life of an attic and the drama these chemicals called drugs affect you, your family, your children, your friends, and your communities. I carry the passion to write. In hopes of changing the lives of others.

        Catherine J. Houston

        • Julian Yanover

          Welcome to My poetic side!

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